Is it too crazy to celebrate your phone’s birthday?

First, how does a phone take a selfie?

Well, maybe if it controlled a robot and had that turn on a camera…or you just ask someone else with a phone to take a picture. That is how, this marvel is being presented to you….

Samsung Galaxy S

We live in a day and age where discarding things that are perfectly functional is fashionable. And then again, Apple phones like to remind us all of hell by spontaneously and prematurely combusting. Amidst all this, my phone and I have enjoyed companionship (meaningless, of course), growing old together, defying modern day traditions.

The History, should you care…

My original Samsung Galaxy S was purchased with the winnings of a Beta bug finding contest for SolidWorks in November 2010. My first choice to buy this was Costco, but they wanted to charge me an arm and a leg because of some AT&T contractual nonsense, so I returned the phone – the guy who tried hosing me for $50+ in unwanted expenses, apparently irritated that I was being frugal. Well, f* him.

I then went to Radioshack , the store no one can explain and told the guy, I was going to buy the phone only if I got it for the list price of $149. Despite my angered overtures, that guy worked his magic, charged me $169, worked out a $20 credit and though I paid for the higher price in taxes, I did leave wondering, if maybe the Universe did have something in mind keeping the company open….

The “incident”

One fine day in January 2011, that particular device did go off suddenly. I went to AT&T and they said in preference to fixing it, they would just give me a new phone if I didn’t care for the data. For all my literacy, love of technology and life in the SF Bay Area, I am remarkably Luddite in personal life. I had a few photos and some notes on a note taking app that I didn’t really care for. Yet, I was a bit shocked that they would just swap out a phone.

I did inquire what would happen if the new phone bricked. Of course they told me the warranty was not 12 months per bricked phone. So I thought I would take better care of the $160 beast…

Material Abuse

Of course, as many an acquaintance has heard me drone on, my phone suffered much more abuse than most people would willingly subject it to. If you think I am weird enough to write about a phone, you should see what I put the poor thing through. It has been repeatedly dropped, had things spilled on it, has been sat on by people, cats…the list is endless. And then, the phone has had to spend many a dark, cold night alone at the office or in the car, completely discharged and forgotten, for days on end. There was a time when, if I remembered carrying the phone with me, I dropped it almost by compulsion..and the thing still works! Like, to date!!!

Happy Birthday?

But through thick and thin, the phone and I stuck by, and the phone visited Washington, Oregon, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, almost all the National Parks in California, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio…And even though I am not sure what day in January I got the thing, I think marking the anniversary or birthday for the phone can’t be such a bad deal, no?

The Serious Part

Despite all the bad humor, there is something serious. People ought not simply throw away stuff. I still have my phone of 5 years, my primary home computer, a Dell M4400 is going to be five years old this May if it doesn’t crap out by then. Maybe if people took the mundane things a tad bit more seriously, then they might take the more important things in life that much more seriously.

And more power to Samsung on making this sturdy beast!

So, no, I am seeking no one’s permission in marking the anniversary for the phone. The phone number by the way? Have had that, nigh on 15 years now!