Introducing Squeaky the Sixth!!!!!!!

When my dearly beloved Squeaky, the first feline companion I ever had, I resolved to try and name one Squeaky a year. Sometimes I have had the opportunity to call more than one Squeaky, so I have ended up with the “sixth”…and he actually squeaks per his appellation! Last year another cat of mine Saxon passed on, so I am hoping to start naming cats after him as well.

I don’t know how long I will foster Squeaky, but I am sure he will break my heart anyway.

He hid for the most part of the weekend, but is now coming around and I have managed two passable mobile phone photos. I will try to get more later..

Squeaky the 6th!
Squeaky again! 

So here’s to many a sleepless night ahead for Daddy. Oh, and this happened. Belated Mother’s Day “Amma”:


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