When you just HAVE to be sure…

Over the years, I have seen engineers do many funny things. Once, while cleaning up our extremely messy lab, we found a sizable hole drilled through a lab bench surface, with a quaint marking recognizing it as  a “calibration hole”. That is a story I still laugh at. But then today, looking for a beaker, I was awarded with this sight…


I guess someone just HAD to be sure! I know, I guess the original intent was for the label to be eventually removed, but who knows how long it has been left on…

May the Gardening Games Begin!


Each year, there is that turning point when I know I have begun gardening in earnest. Through the drought, I never stopped gardening, because it stayed so warm even in December and January. Of course, I had to stay away from Annuals, as the common ones were a water seeking luxury in a drought.

So this year, I got lucky in more ways than one. Towards the end of last year, someone let me have dozens of pots, but also a handful of beautiful retro galvanized iron  cans and one wide mouthed, shallow bucket (accepted with immense gratitude!). I took one look at it and knew it is special and it needed something interesting. Many times, when something special likes that come along, I set it in a visible spot in the backyard and mull over it for weeks or months. A few pots have been sitting there for years!

But then, tempted by this 15% discount coupon at OSH, I stopped by, cash strapped as I am, and even before I got in, I was invited by these Annuals, at 99c per quart planter! Oh what a deal, and what a bit of luck. This is after an El Niño year and it has been quite wet and promising. I picked up a bunch of primroses, a couple of petunias and violas!

Then, I brought the annuals home and I was wondering about how to plant them. Well, it didn’t take long to come up with a plan and that is what you see in the picture up there. I just have this feeling that this is going to be a great year for gardening!

Introducing my latest foster – Saxi!

After Squeaky the 6th was given up to the shelter to break my heart and melt someone else’s, I would have taken another foster, but Bob got really, really sick. HSSV kept calling me, allowing me to fulfill my dream of naming the second foster kitten after my dearly departed, beloved Saxon. Except she is a girl – so Saxi..and she fits the name. She is quiet, cuddly, loving and a very, very sexy, lightly tabbed grey cat. And, like Squeaky the 5th and 6th, she makes it really, really hard to photograph her..


The first harvest of 2015

First Harvest
First Harvest

I have enjoyed gardening or as long as I can remember. And, I tend to grow vegetables every year. All that is fine. I am not very good at documenting what I do in any meaningful way. So today, I thought I would grab a shot of the few things I have gotten this year.

A couple of different type of tomatoes, one cherry, a couple of different types of bell peppers, cilantro, dill, sage and rosemary are pictured.

Maybe, just maybe, I will get better at posting over the course of this year…