May the Gardening Games Begin!


Each year, there is that turning point when I know I have begun gardening in earnest. Through the drought, I never stopped gardening, because it stayed so warm even in December and January. Of course, I had to stay away from Annuals, as the common ones were a water seeking luxury in a drought.

So this year, I got lucky in more ways than one. Towards the end of last year, someone let me have dozens of pots, but also a handful of beautiful retro galvanized iron  cans and one wide mouthed, shallow bucket (accepted with immense gratitude!). I took one look at it and knew it is special and it needed something interesting. Many times, when something special likes that come along, I set it in a visible spot in the backyard and mull over it for weeks or months. A few pots have been sitting there for years!

But then, tempted by this 15% discount coupon at OSH, I stopped by, cash strapped as I am, and even before I got in, I was invited by these Annuals, at 99c per quart planter! Oh what a deal, and what a bit of luck. This is after an El Niño year and it has been quite wet and promising. I picked up a bunch of primroses, a couple of petunias and violas!

Then, I brought the annuals home and I was wondering about how to plant them. Well, it didn’t take long to come up with a plan and that is what you see in the picture up there. I just have this feeling that this is going to be a great year for gardening!

The third and biggest harvest yet, of the year!

I did not post the second one, because I was too lazy to take a sharp photo, but this one is special. I am not sue I will have a harvest this big again this year – two giant cucumbers, tomatoes of many sizes, bell peppers, chili peppers – hidden from view, basil, Thai basil, Rosemary, thyme, mint, cilantro and dill!

I am encouraged to plant more next year, by which time I hope the drought is at least slightly alleviated..

Harvest #3, Summer 2015
Summer 2015

To validate your garden design – get a cat!


Sunday was cloudy, sunny, hot and muggy, all a consequence of some really weird weather we have been having here in California. Then I found one of my feral cats, taking a nap, in the artificially created shade, using one of the rocks I picked up to create a little crawl space for little bugs and other critters as head rest…how uncomfortably quaint!


The first harvest of 2015

First Harvest
First Harvest

I have enjoyed gardening or as long as I can remember. And, I tend to grow vegetables every year. All that is fine. I am not very good at documenting what I do in any meaningful way. So today, I thought I would grab a shot of the few things I have gotten this year.

A couple of different type of tomatoes, one cherry, a couple of different types of bell peppers, cilantro, dill, sage and rosemary are pictured.

Maybe, just maybe, I will get better at posting over the course of this year…