Introducing Squeaky the 7th!

Since the last time I posted here, things went from regular crazy to extra special crazy. After Saxi, who was adopted the weekend she was dropped off (yes!), we were settling into a lull. Only, providence and the Humane Society Silicon Valley had other plans. The sly,  manipulative, clever and kind people had me foster three, yes, 3 or THREE kittens – whom I named Athos, Aramis and Pothos after The Three Musketeers. The lovebugs came and went like a storm and I will write about them soon.

This week, yes, in the middle of November, when kitten season should have been done and over with, we learned that the good folks at HSSV are still trying to help out and a call went out to foster parents to pick up some single kittens that were brought in from San Jose. We had done 5 kittens at that point – a personal record, so I wanted to stretch it to 6!

Plus, the enticement was, that an orange kitten had become available for fostering. Well, those who know me, know I have a big weakness for the orange kittens, and so I wrote back frantically, though I would have been okay with any of them.

Well then, in our great naming tradition, in honor of my first feline, Squeaky, I present you, the well mustachio-ed, feral, lovely, playful, Squeaky the 7th!!

Squeaky the 7th
Squeaky the 7th

Innocent as he seems, he had to be wrapped up in something so he may hold steady! Look at the moustache! Here is another seemingly somnambulist pose..


And here are a couple more. I am sure there will be more if he ever steadies enough to let me photograph!

Just Squeaky!

The world’s most docile, well behaved kitten…

Having been through just about half a dozen plus fosters, I have had kittens screaming, kicking, crying and one (Squeaky the 6th) who literally held the carrier door by his claws and rattled the cage.

And then there is Saxi, named after my dearly beloved Saxon. She is so quiet and well behaved, she didn’t make a sound, both ways. I found that amazing! She is also rapidly recovering from her neuter surgery, given how my other girl foster was so down after hers..really amazing!


Introducing my latest foster – Saxi!

After Squeaky the 6th was given up to the shelter to break my heart and melt someone else’s, I would have taken another foster, but Bob got really, really sick. HSSV kept calling me, allowing me to fulfill my dream of naming the second foster kitten after my dearly departed, beloved Saxon. Except she is a girl – so Saxi..and she fits the name. She is quiet, cuddly, loving and a very, very sexy, lightly tabbed grey cat. And, like Squeaky the 5th and 6th, she makes it really, really hard to photograph her..


To validate your garden design – get a cat!


Sunday was cloudy, sunny, hot and muggy, all a consequence of some really weird weather we have been having here in California. Then I found one of my feral cats, taking a nap, in the artificially created shade, using one of the rocks I picked up to create a little crawl space for little bugs and other critters as head rest…how uncomfortably quaint!


Introducing Squeaky the Sixth!!!!!!!

When my dearly beloved Squeaky, the first feline companion I ever had, I resolved to try and name one Squeaky a year. Sometimes I have had the opportunity to call more than one Squeaky, so I have ended up with the “sixth”…and he actually squeaks per his appellation! Last year another cat of mine Saxon passed on, so I am hoping to start naming cats after him as well.

I don’t know how long I will foster Squeaky, but I am sure he will break my heart anyway.

He hid for the most part of the weekend, but is now coming around and I have managed two passable mobile phone photos. I will try to get more later..

Squeaky the 6th!
Squeaky again! 

So here’s to many a sleepless night ahead for Daddy. Oh, and this happened. Belated Mother’s Day “Amma”:


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