Goodbye, my dear Samsung Galaxy S

You can ding me for loving things, especially one thing, my dear Samsung Galaxy S, which has now been retired (and I wont care). As my dearly beloved Samsung Galaxy S aged alongside me, I did not quickly part ways with it, nor I did not want to wait till the phone died, especially since I was slowly unable to use it for much else than calls, text, gmail and basic sites. Having won a Beta Contest in 2010, I bought a “smart” phone as a splurge and due to a hard failure, had it replaced with the current one in January 2011. Since then, we have been great companions, it being by my side for many a day and many a night (although mostly I forgot the phone and left it at work/home – where it didn’t belong right then, or in the car, another cherished companion!)

Many a drop and injury ensued, and yet the phone was working and working and working and working. Compare that to the blood phone (or iShit), that you can drop..once!

Well dear, you will be sorely missed, yet close, in that little box of things that cannot be parted with. Meanwhile, your role will be now assumed, by one of your own kind, the Samsung Galaxy S7. Such is life, or things…or thing..well!

Here is a memory, shot with, my beloved Bob, of course!