Introducing my latest foster – Saxi!

After Squeaky the 6th was given up to the shelter to break my heart and melt someone else’s, I would have taken another foster, but Bob got really, really sick. HSSV kept calling me, allowing me to fulfill my dream of naming the second foster kitten after my dearly departed, beloved Saxon. Except she is a girl – so Saxi..and she fits the name. She is quiet, cuddly, loving and a very, very sexy, lightly tabbed grey cat. And, like Squeaky the 5th and 6th, she makes it really, really hard to photograph her..

  • Sterling

    Love at first sight! I live with 2 cats — one sweet and low-maintenance (she a survivor of Hurricane Wilma – lost a back leg) the other a freakin’ pain in the butt — he stalks me — constantly — owner went on vacation in november and i told her i was going to post an ad online to give him away. we both got a big chuckle out of that. i couldn’t pay to give him away. then i thought of selling him — advertising him as a rare Yucatanean Bitey-Barfy Stalker Cat $12,000 USD. — but he’s a goofy little guy – i’m attached to him. oh well,

  • You seem to be having quite the fun time! Thanks for sharing!!